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The Heart of Dixie

updated 8/14/2009 

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Alabama became a part of the Mississippi Territory in 1798. General Andrew Jackson defeated the Creek Indians in 1814 and nearly half of the present state land was ceded to the United States. 

The Alabama Territory was created in 1817 and Saint Stephens was the territorial capital from 1817 to 1819.  Cahaba became the capital in 1820. Tuscaloosa served as capital starting in 1826. Montgomery became the permanent capital in 1846. The capital building was completed on December 6, 1847. It was destroyed by fire on December 14, 1849 and rebuilt in 1851. 

Blount County was created on February 7, 1818 making it older than the state. 
Alabama was admitted to the Union December, 14, 1819.
Washington County is the oldest county in Alabama.

Alabama was the fourth state to secede from the Union, January 11, 1861. The capital
of The Confederate States of America was at Montgomery and the Confederate flag was designed in 1861 in Alabama.  During the Civil War Winston County became known as The Free State of Winston. 

On August 5, 1864, Admiral David Farragut issued his famous command, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" at the Battle of Mobile Bay.

Capital: Montgomery 
Bird: Yellowhammer 
Flower: Camellia 
State Tree: Southern Pine
Bordering States: Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee 
Statehood: December 14, 1819; 22nd State 
Gemstone: star blue quartz
Highest Point: Cheaha Mountain; 2407 feet
Largest Cities: Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa 
Official State Fair: The Florence Renaissance Faire 
Song: Alabama

Nicknames: Heart of Dixie
                  Cotton State
                                Yellowhammer State

Alabama comes from the Creek language meaning tribal town.

Economy: Poultry, eggs, vegetables, milk, soybeans, cattle, peanuts, cotton, lumber and wood products, rubber and plastic products, mining, transportation equipment, and clothing. 

The first Mardi Gras celebration in the western world was held in Alabama in 1704 and was called Boeuf Gras.

The first rocket to put humans on the moon was built in Alabama and Huntsville is known as the Rocket Capital of the World. 

The world's first Electric Trolley System was introduced in Montgomery in 1886. 

Alabama is the largest supplier of cast-iron and steel pipe products and the only state with all the major natural resources needed to make iron and steel . 

In Russell Cave a skeleton of a pre-historic man was found along with many other artifacts from different time periods.

The Alabama Department of Archives is the oldest state-funded archival agency in the nation. 

In 1937 a state sales tax was instituted to help fund education. 

The Army Ballistic Missile Agency was established at Huntsville's Redstone Arsenal in 1956. 

George C. Wallace served four terms as governor. 

The United States Army Chemical Corps Museum in Fort McClellan contains over 4000 chemical warfare artifacts. 

The Hall of History in Bessemer has an exhibit of Hitler's typewriter. 

Mobile was named after the Mauvilla Indians. 


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